26 junio 2013

Abraham Mateo will be performing live on “El Número Uno” TV show next June 28

Abraham Mateo will be performing his smash hit “Señorita” next June 28 on the “El Número Uno” TV show in Antena3.

Watch the video below!

Via Antena3’s web, fans have the chance of choosing the clothes Abraham will be wearing during his performance.

What would you like him to wear? Click HERE and choose the best outfit for Abraham!

And right after his performance at “El Número Uno”, Abraham will be flying to Miami, where he has been nominated for the Premios Juventud de Univisión as “Best New Artist”. Congratulations for the nomination, Abraham!

Last May Abraham Mateo released a maxi single version of “Señorita”, which includes the original version, an acoustic version and two remixes. The physical edition includes a previously unreleased track called “Mi Super Estrella”.

Get the physical edition HERE!

Download it from iTunes HERE!