05 marzo 2014

Abraham Mateo releases his new single “Lánzalo” on March 18th in collaboration with UNICEF in support of the Syrian children

The artist is releasing his new single, Lánzalo, on March 18th in support of UNICEF campaign for the children who suffer as a result of the Syrian conflict.

Abraham Mateo has decided to support the work done by UNICEF for the Syrian children, after three years of conflict. The release of his new single, Lánzalo, next March 18th will help raise our voices for the children affected by this war and obtain support for the work done by UNICEF in this emergency situation, with all sales profits going to UNICEF.
At the moment there are over 4.2 million children in Syria who suffer as a result of this conflict, with 1.2 million refugee children in other countries. Many children have been forced to drop out school; they have no access to drinking water or adequate sanitation, not to mention basic survival supplies. UNICEF is now working in this emergency, providing supplies even in areas of difficult access in Syria, when conditions allow, bringing education to over a million children and water to more than ten million people. These are some of the results obtained so fan, but needs are permanent and growing for millions of children.
The new single by Abraham Mateo will be available next March 18th in digital and physical formats, together with an exclusive remix of the single and a music video containing footage of the work done by UNICEF in Syria.

Lánzalo, included in the new album by Abraham Mateo, AM, has been written by Abraham himself. “It’s the most special song in the album. I love the idea of contributing to help fight a dramatic situation like the one the Syrian children are undergoing, with UNICEF, which I have known since I was a child,” says the artist. With Compromise and Hope, “Lánzalo” shows the artistic, emotional and personal maturity of Abraham Mateo. “I wanted to make people see that, if we all do our bit, we can help a lot of people. We shouldn’t hesitate to do it, even though we think our small effort is not much”, he adds.

The Spanish Committee for UNICEF responsible for Emergencies, Lorena Cobas, meant to stress the significance contributions like these have for the work of the organization in major emergencies: “The needs of children in a conflict which already lasts more than three years, grow more and more because the number of affected children in Syria is bigger, as is the number of refugees in neighbouring countries, so we would like to thank Abraham, his team and fans for their support, which undoubtedly will help us continue our work in Syria and the refugee camps”.